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Home Fragrancing Products

We have a range of Diffusers to assist in your Home Fragrancing needs

Reed Diffusers

Our Reed Diffusers come gift boxed with a 100ml of fragrance and 10 natural rattan Diffuser Reeds that are porous to allow the scent to flow through thethem for a pleasant room aroma.

We carry a range of fragrances in stock but they are available to order in any fragrance from our range. Refer to our Fragrance Page

$20.00 each 

Car Diffusers

Our Car Diffusers come unfilled to allow you to choose your bottle and your choice of fragrance. We carry a range of popular fragrances in stock but you can order any other fragrance in our range. Refer to our Fragrance Page.

Shapes and styles vary depending on availability.

They can be used in your car or your wardrobe.

$12.00 each

Diffusers Refills and Reeds

Don't throw away your Diffuser container once they are empty. To save landfill, purchase one of our refill bottles for your Reed or Car Diffuser. These are available in over 30 fragrances. We carry a range of popular fragrances but you can order Refills in any other fragrance from our range.

We recommend a set of replacement Reeds with your refill as they do become clogged over time. Our rattan Diffuser Reeds are porous allowing the scent to flow through them for a pleasant room aroma.

$12.00 - 100ml Reed Diffuser Refill
$5.00 -  30ml Car Diffuser Refill
$2.00 - Diffuser Reeds (pack of 10)