• Are Soy wax candles safe 

    • Soy wax is safe to use. It does not emit the harmful toxic fumes that are produced when burning paraffin candles so is much safer to burn inside our homes. In some cases people with conditions such as asthma or sinus have been unable to burn paraffin candles scented or unscented in their homes but now find they can do so with the soy candles.

    • Soy wax burns much cooler than paraffin wax and therefore is much safer to use. The container soy wax candles are also safer than pillar candles as the wax is completely enclosed in the container therefore less likely to spill.


  •  Are Palm wax candles safe

o    Palm wax is an all-natural, renewable resource that is obtained from the oil palm in well managed and regulated estates. Due to its environmentally friendly attributes, palm wax offers a whole new choice for sustainable or renewable resource based extensions. The oil palm produces fruit in bunches which are harvested and sent to palm oil mills to undergo extraction, sterilization, clarification and purification. The crude oil is then sent to palm oil refineries where it is processed further into products such as cooking oil, shortening, cocoa butter substitutes, non-dairy creamers, soaps, and of course everybody’s favourite – Palm Wax.

o    Palm wax is a superb material for making excellent candles. It resists melting in hot summer months, has high contraction (making de-moulding easier), takes colours easily, holds fragrance well, and best of all, can be easily manipulated to produce an infinite array of surface patterns ranging from complex crystalline designs to smooth solid colours . Palm waxes blend well with other waxes to further expand your possibilities.




  • How long is the total burn time for soy wax candles

    • Total burn times vary according to the size of the container. The mosaics have a total average burn time of approximately 36 hours. The maximum time will be achieved by keeping burn session times to approximately 3 to 4 hours. Allow the candle to cool and then trim the wicks back to about 3mm before relighting to prevent the wick from 'mushrooming' and the wick having to work too hard to draw the wax. 


  • How long is the burn time for palm wax candles

    • Total burn times vary according to the size of the pillar

    • Small – approximately 40 hours

    • Medium – approximately 50 hours

    • Large – approximately 60 hours


  • How long should I burn soy wax candles them for

    • It is recommended that each burn session time be kept to 3 to 4 hours maximum. This enables the maximum total burn time for each container candle to be reached and prevents the glass containers from retaining too much heat - especially when the wax in the container is completely liquid.


  •  Does the glass get hot

    • Yes they do - especially as the wax in the container decreases and is completely liquid.  It is advisable that candles be placed onto a heat resistant surface such as a coaster to prevent heat marks appearing on furniture.


  • Should I trim the wick before relighting

    •  Yes. You should trim the wick back each time before relighting your candle to prevent the wick from 'mushrooming' which makes the wick work too hard and can cause the wick to puff small amounts of black smoke.