Wilko’s Waxes is a small local business located at Forster on the Mid North Coast of NSW keen to protect our environment and still enjoy the sense of relaxation and well being obtained by burning scented candles. All our candles are made using EcoSoya™ and Palm candle waxes.

EcoSoya™ waxes are created with pure, 100% natural soybeans. EcoSoya™ waxes are non-petroleum renewable resources, promoting the growth and care of our environment while burning crisp and clean with a gentle natural glow. 

Palm wax is an all-natural, renewable resource made using palm oil which is extracted from the fruit of the palm. It is environmentally friendly and due to its high melt point is resistant to melting in hot weather.

As well as being much safer to burn than paraffin Wilko’s Waxes  soy and palm wax candles have a far greater burn time and a stronger scent throw.

The Environmentally Friendly Way To Illuminate Your Life

 All our Soy and Palm candles are hand poured into quality containers and moulds and have an excellent scent throw with natural frangrances. They have a soft creamy appearance and a burn time far greater than paraffin candles.

Our tealights are ideal for day spas and health resorts as well as restaurants and cafes. The natural soy wax can be left with no fragrance for restaurants and cafes which allows the diner to enjoy their meal both fragrance and toxin free while candles for day spas or health resorts can be made with any of our natural fragrances to compliment the oils and lotions used on their patrons.

Our palm wax pillar candles come in may colours and fragrances. Colours can be vibrant and bold or soft and pastel. They come in three sizes and look good as a stand alone candle or make an attractive display in a set of three. 

We use several local markets as outlets for our candles and also provide a refill service on our soy wax container candles throughout our local area.

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